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Periodic table reference data

This package uses an unit from the SI unit package, which should be installed before this package.

This package will create the reference data type “Periodic table” which contains reference data for the 118 elements of the periodic table.

The following data is filled (if known) for

  • atomic number
  • symbol
  • group
  • period
  • state of matter
  • conventional atomic weight
  • electronegativity
  • density
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This is reference data for the 118 recognized elements from the periodic table.

The reference data has the following fields:

Atomic number –> whole number

Symbol –> string

Group –> whole number

Period –> whole number

State of matter –> fixed choice Gas/Liquid/Solid/NA

Conventional atomic weight –> quantity (Da –> g/mol)

electronegativity –> decimal number

density –> quantity (g/cm3)

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VERSION_6_4:319, VERSION_6_5:321