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This package contains 3 examples of Rules which sent emails to one email-address or a list of email-addresses from user with the same role in SLIMS.

This package can only be used if an working SMTP URI is set in the Lab Settings Module.

The Rule OrderHasBeenScheduled sends an email (scheduledOrder) to a preset email-address when an order has been set to the status “Scheduled”.

The Rule CheckForExhaustedInventory sends an email (inventoryExhausted) to a preset email-address when it finds that the amount field of an inventory has reached zero.

The Rule SignOffExperiment checks if an experiment run step with the name “Sign off” is set to “In Progress” and can sent an email to a preset single email-address (signOffNeeded) or to a list of email-address taken from SLIMS users with the same role (signOffNeededMultipleUsersOneRole).

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This package contains rules which sent emails to users in the following cases:

  1. Inventory is exhausted -> one user
  2. Sign off is needed -> can be one user or a users with a certain role
  3. status change of an order -> one user

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